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Located in the Atlanta metro area, the law firm of John A. Snyder specializes in workers’ compensation and Social Security disability (SSDI). Dedicated to protecting the rights of injured and ill people in Georgia, John Snyder has a proven track record, winning millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients.

Workers’ compensation and disability claims are a serious matter, and it’s often more complicated than people realize. Regarding workers’s comp, the truth is that many people who sustain on-the-job injuries are unaware of the full extent of their rights when it comes to medical, income benefits disability (temporary and permanent), and death benefits – a fact that employers and insurance defense lawyers are ready to exploit.

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John A. Snyder is a workers’ compensation attorney who will work closely with you to make sure you know exactly the benefits to which you are entitled and will fight hard to ensure that you get them. Our law firm has considerable knowledge and experience with the nuances of Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Act and the Social Security Act, and we are committed to securing your rights as you work through physical recovery and inability to return to work.

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